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...Sondlo is a South African Nguni language word which is literally translated; nutrients, also the act of feeding. The surname "Sondlo" refers to a gratitude payment (usually in the form of a cow) for raising up / feeding / rearing a child on behalf of their parent.

The Sondlo family are part of the Thembu people, a key nation that lives together with the Xhosa people.  They are predominantly found in the rural parts of the Eastern Cape Province, South Africa.  They make up a key decision-making component of such areas as Lady Frere, Queenstown, Seymour, Whittlesea, Engcobo, Cofimvaba, Cala, etc.

The Sondlo family descend from the house of Ndungwana, Diya, Gungu, Langa, Khono, Bhejula, Nene, Qhwesha, Ndarhala, Siyabalala, Qhuzula, Magez'anenkomo, Yem-Yem, Sophitsho, Ngqolomsila, Vela Bembhentsele, etc. Among their forefunners, they list Ntshinka, Nokhwinti, Dyonase, Stemele, Dywili, Booi, Qolintaba, Heliya, Dyakopu, Dyan, Eleki, Joni, etc. They share largely common ancestry with (many of the) people whose surnames are Mangquku, Ndarala, Lilane, Mkondweni, Nzwane, Qwelane, Ngqukuvana, Mentyisi, Ndayi, Nodumo, Mbalula, Tabata, Mbala, Ntshinka, Ndonga, Blani, Matho, etc.

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