Family Trees

The information reflected on this page is neither conclusive nor tested. Reflecting these family trees here does not necessarily imply direct relation with these families. Thus, we challenge all historians to contribute their views on the Thembu family tree as reflected here. And if you're a Sondlo (or somehow related to us), we need YOUR family tree also. And any relevant information is welcome.

The Sondlo family share largely common ancestry with (many of the) people whose surnames are Mangquku, Ndarala, Lilane, Mkondweni, Nzwane, Qwelane, Ngqukuvana, Mentyisi, Ndayi, Nodumo, Mbalula, Tabata, Mbala, Ntshinka, Ndonga, Blani, Matho, etc.

This is Page 299 of History of South Africa, 1795-1834, by George McCall Theal
(Gardners Books, 2007). [click to enlarge]

This is the family tree of our forerunners (with the House of
Booi further explained):

... this is part of the family tree of Thembu,
extracted from Mandela family tree